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How to install WatchMaker on your watch

If you have iPhone / iPad:

WatchMaker is now available on iOS - get phone app here

The instructions to install the standalone WatchMaker app on your watch vary depending on which watch you have :

Android Wear Watch 2.0

  • If you are lucky enough to have Android Wear 2.0 on your watch (check in Settings > About), this is very easy!
  • Just swipe right on your watch until you see Add more watch faces
  • Scroll down to Get more watch faces and select WatchMaker Watch Face (don't select the premium version - remember the watch app should always be free!)
  • Hit install and you are done!

Android Wear Pre 2.0

Samsung Gear S2/S3 (Tizen)

The companion app for your Gear S2/S3 is available and can be downloaded right now from your iPhone / iPad :

  • Download free “WatchMaker” app from the App Store
  • Download free “Samsung Gear S” app from the App Store iTunes link
  • Make sure bluetooth is turned on for both your phone and smartwatch and connect your Gear device
  • In the Samsung Gear S app, click more “View More Apps” and search for WatchMaker
  • Download “WatchMaker Companion for iOS” app - please be patient - as Bluetooth connection on iPhone to Gear S3 is very slow, this will take 30 minutes - watch the yellow progress bar at the bottom of the screen
  • Long press on your Gear S2/S3 smartwatch and scroll to select WatchMaker as your watchface
  • Welcome to WatchMaker! Enjoy our beautiful watchfaces.


Download WatchMaker direct from your Ticwatch2!

  • Ensure WiFi enabled on your Ticwatch2
  • Long press watch home screen, scroll right to More watch faces…
  • Look for WatchMaker Premium (usually one of the first in the list)
  • Hit the down arrow to download - be patient, it can take a few minutes to install
  • Enjoy WatchMaker!

If you have Android phone:

- Install WatchMaker phone app from here

- If you have Android Wear or Ticwatch2 watch the companion app on watch should automatically install - use the Android Wear app on your phone to make sure your watch is connected to your phone

- If you have Samsung Gear S2/S3 (Tizen), get the companion app by searching for Samsung Gear app on Google Play link.

Then search for WatchMaker.

- on iPhone install “WatchMaker iOS Companion App”

- on Google install “WatchMaker Companion for Gear S2 & S3”

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