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 +====== Getting started ======
 +The first thing anyone wanting to create a face is:
 +  - Install the app [[Installation]]
 +  - Poke around on the G+ page and facerepo site and find a watch you like or has a feature(s) you like.
 +  - Download that face and import it into the WatchMaker app.
 +  - Open it in "​Customize Watch"
 +  - Poke around with all the [[:​widget|layers]] and see how things are setup with [[:​images]],​ [[:​colors]],​ [[:sizes]], [[:​rotation]],​ [[:​lua|code]],​ etc...
 +  - write down some of the things you figure out.
 +Now you can start creating a face of your own
 +Even at the most basic stage without importing images, you can use the stock images and features and mess around with code and see how things work.
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