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 +====== WatchMaker Premium ======
 +WatchMaker Premium gives you access to [[getwatches|60,000+ watchfaces]]
 +(The free version lets you view watches, but not send them to your watch).
 +It also gives you the following added features :
 +  * Up to 50 new faces added to getwatchmaer, MeWe every day!
 +  * Customize any downloaded watch
 +  * Use your own photos / images when designing watch faces
 +  * More Fonts / Backgrounds + Hands!
 +  * More Weather + Battery Widgets!
 +  * Animated GIFs
 +  * Advanced shaders
 +  * New text effects - shadow, outline, etc
 +WatchMaker Premium is available either as an In App Purchase or by purchasing the WatchMaker Premium License.
 +You can check if you have a premium account by looking at the hamburger menu in top left (see below).
 ====== Purchases ====== ====== Purchases ======
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 Purchased faces are split into Purchased Watches and Purchased Packs. Purchased faces are split into Purchased Watches and Purchased Packs.
-If you do not see them, please check : +**Purchased Watches** 
-  * You have reinstalled the [[versions|same version]] of Watchmaker +  * These are individual watchfaces (e.g. 1 for $1) which you must create a **WatchMaker account** to purchase 
-  * You are using the same gmail account which you originally made the purchase+  * You can restore these at any time by logging back into WatchMaker 
 +**Purchased Packs** 
 +  * These are watch packs (e.g. 10 watchfaces for $5) which are purchased using your **Google / iTunes account** 
 +  * Your can restore these at any time by using the same gmail / iTunes account which you originally made the purchase 
 +  * If your previously purchased a watch pack on Android using the old WatchMaker premium app, you will need to install [[|that app]] to copy your purchases over to the main app 
 +  *   * If your previously purchased a watch pack on iPhone, you may need to use the top left menu and then click 'Restore Purchases'
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