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terrencepaul33 Odisha samaya have stepped forward to provide all the news including breaking news in very less time by his Web Portal.
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pilotdog [WatchMaker Watch Face Designer]
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-**Odisha: Relief From Power Cuts Till Dec End**+~~NOTOC~~ 
 +====== WatchMaker Watch Face Designer ======
-There is an immediate relief ​for power consumersOdisha government announced to stop power cuts till December 31.+{{ :​screens:​home.png?​200}} 
 +Welcome to the official wiki for WatchMaker -- The ultimate watch maker for Android WearTizen, iOS and Ticwatch2!
-OdishaAs water level of major reservoirs fell due to deficient rainfallthe state government resorted to power cut for multiple hours from SeptemberHowever, it had announced to discontinue power cuts in the evening during the festival season starting from October 11 to November 15.+WatchMaker allows you to fully customize your watch faceusing text, images, shaders, custom expressions and much more! ..
-“Since peak hour demand reduced to 3,750 MW, the state government has decided not to go for power cut till December 31The peak hour power demand of the state was 4,100 MW during September-October,​” said energy secretary Suresh MohapatraHe said the peak hour demand reduced due to less use of air conditioners and fans by consumers.+[[https://​​store/​apps/​details?​id=slide.watchFrenzy|{{:​get-it-on-google-play.png?​150|Download Watchmaker on Google Play}}]]
-The hydro projects in the state generate around 206 MW. The production increases during peak hour. The state government gets 700 MW from different independent power producers, 580 MW from central share, 350 MW from Ib station and 380 MW from TTPS, Talcher and NTPC, Kaniha, said sources. +[[​watchmaker-watch-face-designer/​id1213875863?​ls=1&​mt=8|{{:​itunesbanner.png?​150|Download Watchmaker on iOS App Store}}]]
- +
-“We are getting 100 MW from Tata Power through power banking route. If required, we would get more power through banking route,” Mohapatra added. +
- +
-He, however, said no decision was taken for purchase of power from the captive generating plants (CGP) at a higher rate. “The matter is pending with the Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC),” he added. +
- +
-State’s power utility, Gridco, which has moved the power regulatory body on behalf of the state government to purchase power from the CGP at Rs 3.20 paise a unit against the usual rate of Rs 2.75 a unit, official sources said. +
- +
-Due to declining water level in major reservoirs, the state government has estimated a shortfall of around 2,000 million units (MU) power from hydro power projects in the state by the fiscal-end. +
- +
-Energy minister Pranab Prakash Das said the state government would meet in January first week to take a call on power cuts in the future. +
- +
-For more news update and details please visit us at
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