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 +====== WatchMaker Watch Face Designer ======
-Went to lunch today and wanted to show off new watchface I had made and all I could get was a bunch of watchfaces being promotedI had to reinstall MY watchface "​AA4F"​ several times this week because all I could get on my screen was the stupid WATCHMOKER LOGO and the time in block numbers!.+{{ :​screens:​home.png?200}} 
 +Welcome ​to the official wiki for WatchMaker -- The ultimate watch maker for Android Wear, Tizen, iOS and Ticwatch2!
-I paid for this service and expected ​to be able to use it at my convience! ​ I did not expect to have to reload my watch face often and look at a bunch of other watchfaces forced on my watch and hold me hostage!+WatchMaker allows you to fully customize your watch face, using text, images, shaders, custom expressions ​and much more..
-The last time I posted a complaint about this lousy app I we chastized by an ignorant ass hat with no apology from the owner! ​+[[https://​​store/​apps/​details?​id=slide.watchFrenzy|{{:​get-it-on-google-play.png?​150|Download Watchmaker on Google Play}}]]
-I will no longer waste mt time or money with your product! +[[https://​​us/​app/​watchmaker-watch-face-designer/​id1213875863?​ls=1&​mt=8|{{:​itunesbanner.png?​150|Download Watchmaker on iOS App Store}}]]
- +
-Leland Cox+
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