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 **Wear 1.0 Devices** **Wear 1.0 Devices**
-From September 2019, WatchMaker will no longer support Wear 1.0 devices.+== Update ==
-This is because Wear 1.0 devices have always required including the APK for both mobile and wear apps inside the main download file from Google Play. This has meant a download size of 50% larger than it needs to be for all non Wear 1.0 users (over 99% users).+Owing to the large number of support emails on this subject, we have decided to restore support for Wear 1.0 devices (September 20th).
-Since the new requirement for 64-bit apps in August 2019, the increased APK size for maintaining Wear 1.0 support would now be 100% larger owing to having to include 32 and 64-bit versions of the native code.+Thanks for your feedback and patience on this issueIt is a difficult decision whether to optimize for smaller app size or support for older devices.
-Users who still have Wear 1.0 devices can still download legacy WatchMaker from the below URL :+Please update to minimum version of WatchMaker 5.6.7 now available on Google Play.
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