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WatchMaker CloudSync

WatchMaker CloudSync is designed exclusively for iOS (iPhone / iPad) users to send watchfaces to Android Wear, Ticwatch2 and Tizen watchfaces.

News Updates

16 June 2017: NEW Samsung Gear S2/S3 v4.3.1 - fixes iOS CloudSync for protected faces! Note this is a combined version for Android and iOS phones - please uninstall “WatchMaker Companion for iOS” and install “WatchMaker Companion for Gear S2 & S3” here

15 June 2017: NEW Android Wear v4.3.2 - fixes iOS CloudSync for faces stuck on “Loading”! Please update to version 4.3.2 and all should be good! here

13 June 2017: NEW Samsung Gear S2/S3 v4.3.0 - fixes iOS CloudSync!

Ticwatch2 version now installable direct from watch paired to iOS!! - full instructions here

Want more watches? Find out how here

Some users have reported you need to disconnect iPhone from android wear for reliable wifi on watch: More Info

Instructions for WatchMaker CloudSync platform.

  1. You need WatchMaker on iOS - get it here
  2. You need to have minimum of WatchMaker 4.1.0 on watch - get from Google Play (if on Android) or get your free copy here
  3. Your watch must be WiFi enabled with a reliable connection established
  4. Long press on your watch (Android Wear) or double tap (Tizen) to get to the WatchMaker settings screen
  5. Enable CloudSync by clicking on the cloud icon (gray background)
  6. If you cant see the CloudSync icon yet, you might have to hit the settings cog under the watchface
  7. If you don't see a cloud like in the screenshot below you have an old version of WatchMaker on watch - please update
  8. This checks your WiFi connection is good and gives a unique 6-digit code
  9. The CloudSync remains connected for 100 seconds and can be re-established at any time using the process above
  10. If the cloud has a green background it indicates WatchMaker CloudSync is enabled
  11. From WatchMaker iOS app, any watch can be send by typing in the same 6-digit code.
  12. These 6-digit codes can be used for any future transfers and will be remembered by the phone and watch apps
  13. Remember CloudSync disconnects on your watch after 100 seconds - if you need to send new watches later on, please remember to repeat from step 4 above.

Android Wear / Gear S2/S3 (Tizen)

WatchMaker on iOS

Watch the videos below to see it in action.

Remember long press for Android Wear, double tap for Samsung Gear S2/S3!!

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