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Select Watch

pick the Android Wear model you want to design for

Keep Watch awake

Watches switch off the active display after 5 seconds by default, you can increase that time here

Max Framerate

Gyro Strength on Phone

Gyro Strength on Watch


Override 12/24h Hour

If you set an override here, watchfaces will use your setting, even if they were designed for a different mode. Please note that a watch face designed for 12h mode might not have enough space to display a 24h mode time.

Extra Timezones

Some watchfaces display the time from other timezones next to the local time. You can define up to three such timezones.


Temperature Scale

Celsius or Farenheit

Weather check Interval

How often to get new weather data. More frequent checking might influence your phone's battery.

Weather Provider

  • OpenWeatherMap
  • Yahoo Weather

Weather Location

By default Watchmaker will use your phones GPS to determine the current location and use this location's weather info. You set a fixed location here instead.

Refresh Weather Now

Reloads weather data and sends it to your watch immediately.


Sets various events when the watch shall vibrate.


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