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This is a start on how to use the WatchMaker editor.

  • Each time you start the app you are taken to the “Home” page

  • From here you can click the “New Watch” button (either at the top right or down in the lower menu.

  • You are now greeted with a blank watch face. To start tap “Design Watch”.

  • You can now start creating your watch face. If you tap the name “untitled watch”, you keyboard will open and you can name your watch face(this can be done at any time). You can select the color of your background now if you wish.

  • To start adding items tap the (+) button.

  • This is the add widget screen where you can choose from (TEXT,Shape,Numbers,Markers,Images,Curved Text,Watch Hands and more).

  • Showing a Shape has been added.

  • This button will show your face dimmed/normal.

  • Pressing this will speed up the demo x10.

  • Pressing this will speed up the demo x100.

  • Pressing this will speed up the demo x1000.

  • Pressing this will Freeze the demo.

  • Pressing this show demo in normal speed.

  • Pressing this will undo last action.

Work in progress

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