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Versions of WatchMaker

On Google Play for Android devices there are two versions of WatchMaker :

WatchMaker Watch Face (Free)

WatchMaker Premium Watch Face (Paid)

Which version do I need?

You can install either version but please make sure you have the identical version on your watch.

What can I do for free?

For free, you receive 6 free watch faces. You can make basic customizations to these or send them straight to your watch to make sure everything works correctly.

You will also have access to basic design tools - many watch hands, text, expressions and LUA coding!

What do I get if I upgrade?

If you upgrade your version of WatchMaker Watch Face, you get access to all of the following:

  • access to 30,000+ watchfaces - you will be able to import these without the upgraded version but you will not be able to send them to your watch
  • Up to 50 new faces added to / Google+ Community every day!
  • Customize any downloaded watch
  • Use your own photos / images when designing watch faces
  • More Fonts / Backgrounds + Hands!
  • More Weather + Battery Widgets!
  • Animated GIFs
  • Advanced shaders
  • New text effects - shadow, outline, etc

Note this is a one-off payment and you will never need to pay again!

Click Get Premium in the app and you will be given the option to either upgrade in the app (WatchMaker Premium) or purchase WatchMaker Premium Watch Face.

Please note both upgrades are identical and will unlock all the same options.

Only keep one version installed on your phone / watch.


If you have upgraded using the in-app-purchase in WatchMaker Watch Face, please continue to use this and Google will remember your purchase.

Similarly if you have purchased WatchMaker Premium Watch Face, you must use this version in future.

This all sounds great - what else can I get?

We are now partnering with our top designers to offer you special deals on premium watch faces - these are sold in bundles and are often being sold at 50-80% discount over the original cost of buying all these watch faces individually.

Please support our designers by purchasing these packs as they have spent 100s of hours designing these faces!

These packs are not included with WatchMaker Premium but support our hard-working designers!

If you are a designer with a popular portfolio and would like to sell your watches within WatchMaker, please contact us using this link.

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