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Simply download the app from the Play Store to the phone that's set up to sync with your Android Wear device. Open it and select your watch model.

Download Watchmaker on Google Play

Download Watchmaker on iOS App Store

After a couple of seconds (sometimes a minute or two), the watchmaker app will be installed on your watch. Long press on the watch display and select the “WatchMaker” watch face.

In the WatchMaker app on your phone, pick any watch face you like (or designed your self) and touch the “Set Watchface” button. Your watch will vibrate and set the new watch face.

Upgrading to Pro

For creating your own watch faces you need to upgrade to the Pro version of Watchmaker. This is available as an In-App-Purchase from within the app.

Buying the Pro version unlocks the following features:

  • Send custom watchfaces including your own photos / images!
  • 1000's of watches available right now from / G+!
  • More Fonts / Backgrounds + Hands!
  • More Weather + Battery Widgets!
  • Animated GIFs + much much more!!

IAP vs. Pro-Version

There are two ways to get the pro version:

  1. unlock the pro features through an in-app purchase from within the free version
  2. buy Watchmaker Premium in the app store

Both have exactly the same features. It makes no difference which way you go.

However you should stick with one way! If you uninstall the app and later reinstall, make sure you use the same version again. Eg. if you used the IAP to upgrade your free version, then install the free version again later on - it will automatically upgrade again.

You should never be required to pay twice for Watchmaker

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