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Android 11 Migration

From November 2021, all apps updated on Google Play must target at least Android 11.

What does this mean for WatchMaker?

Up until now, WatchMaker saved all watch files and images into legacy storage (/sdcard/BeautifulWatches).

Legacy storage (/sdcard/<app-name>) will not be readable by apps from November 2021 onwards (except File Managers).

Therefore WatchMaker 7.2.0 will migrate all of your watch and image files automatically from legacy to scoped storage next time you launch the app.

Please do not shut the WatchMaker app during the migration.

After the migration is complete, the app will restart once and then you can continue using the app as normal.

A similar process will happen on your Wear OS watch next time you launch the app on your watch.

You can still see the WatchMaker application files in scoped storage (path may be something like /sdcard/Android/data/slide.watchFrenzy/files)

In addition, imported fonts and watches must now be selecting using the Android 11 file picker.

What does this mean for me?

You are advised to update to WatchMaker 7.2.0 before November so that your files can be migrated smoothly.

If you skip versions and wait for WatchMaker 7.2.1 the migration will force you to select migration folders manually and will take much longer to complete as updates released after November will no longer have access to legacy storage.


If the migration does not complete successfully this could be because you do not have enough free space on your device. For example if you have 3 GB of files to migrate you will need an extra 3 GB of space during the migration. After the migration completes, the old files will be removed and the free space on your device will return to normal.

Manual Migration

If you are still unable to migrate the files using the WatchMaker app, you are recommended to copy all files using a USB cable to your phone from PC or Mac :

From: /sdcard/BeautifulWatches

To: /sdcard/Android/data/slide.watchFrenzy/files

You are recommended to use adb from a Terminal window if possible as Android File Transfer often forgets all the image files as they have a dot prefix and appear as hidden.

e.g. mv /sdcard/BeautifulWatches/* /sdcard/Android/data/slide.watchFrenzy/files


  • Sep 20th : WatchMaker 7.2.0 released to limited beta
  • Sep 30th : WatchMaker 7.2.0 released to full beta
  • Oct 5th : WatchMaker 7.2.0 begins staged rollout
  • Oct 11th (approx) : WatchMaker 7.2.0 begins full rollout
  • Nov 15th (approx) : WatchMaker 7.2.1 update no longer has access to legacy storage

You are therefore advised to update to WatchMaker 7.2.0 during October / early November in order to migrate your files smoothly (should only take a few seconds).

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