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Bitmap Fonts

So you already have a huge library of True Type fonts … so why would you use Bitmap fonts?

Well for starters Bitmap fonts let you create Photoshop quality text effects … in Photoshop!!

What's good about Bitmap Fonts

  • They render and update quicker on your watch!
  • You can use your favorite photo editor, e.g. Photoshop, GIMP, to create high quality effects: shadows, gradients, blur, etc

What is a Bitmap Font?

  • Made up of 2 files, e.g. Metal.fnt and Metal.png
  • The .fnt file is the font definition which specifies supported characters, e.g. A-Z, and the size of each character in the spritesheet
  • The .png file is a spritesheet with all your characters - this can be edited in Photoshop
  • See example files at the bottom

How to build a Bitmap Font?

  • There are apps for PC, Mac and web that will help :
  • Littera Web Based Free … (Use Format: Text .fnt)
  • bmGlyph Mac Paid
  • AngelCode PC Free


  • Aim for a png resolution of under 1000×1000
  • Remember watches can crash if you send textures that are too large
  • Create text at the smallest size that will look good on your watch
  • Don't generate characters you won't use, e.g. lowercase letters, punctuation, etc.

Using Bitmap fonts in WatchMaker

  • Copy both the .png and .fnt files to the folder BeautifulWatches/fonts_bm/
  • Customize a watch
  • Select a text layer
  • Select Font → Bitmap Font and you should see your new font!

Example Bitmap Font

  • You can play with this metal font, e.g. change the png file and save to WatchMaker :
  • Metal.png:
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