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Exporting your Watchfaces

Export Dialog Once you finished your watch face you might want to share it with the world or just back it up.

To do so select your watch face and then pick “Export / Share”.

The next dialog might be a little bit confusing: it asks if you want to “share” your watch face. Tapping yes will bring up the typical Android intent dialog to pick an App for sharing. However this will not share your watch face but only a picture of it.

At the moment you tapped “Export/Share” your watch face has been placed in a file on your SD-Card (or internal storage if you don't have an SD-Card). You can pick it up from there. Eg. with a file manager.

If you have access to your phone's sd-card, you can navigate to the WatchMaker folder and copy the .watch file manually. You can use adb (available with Android SDK) or system's file manager. In the file manager, navigate to /sdcard/BeautifulWatches/export and select the file you created.

It is now also possible to export a watchface as apk as a standalone Android Wear application.

Please note users who wish to use the exported APK require a premium version of WatchMaker to run the APK.

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