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These are the settings for the Watchmaker app on the phone. See Wear OS Watch Settings for settings on Wear OS watches.




Ben Samsung active 2 kullanıcısıyım be watchmaker uygulamasını kullanıyorum nu uygulamaya yeni lacoste saatler ve bi tane lacoste saat istiyorum saati yükledim kodu LAC2010945 bu saat bu güncellemede gelirse sevinirim

Keep Watch awake

Moved to Watch Settings

Sync API

You can resync the Data or Message API


Override 12/24h Hour

If you set an override here, watchfaces will use your setting, even if they were designed for a different mode. Please note that a watch face designed for 12h mode might not have enough space to display a 24h mode time.

Extra Timezones

Some watchfaces display the time from other timezones next to the local time. You can define up to three such timezones.


Temperature Units

Celsius or Fahrenheit

Weather Check Interval

How often to get new weather data. More frequent checking might influence your phone's battery.

Weather Provider

Weather Location

You can choose GPS or Manual. GPS will use your phones location and Manual allows you to set a specified location.

Refresh Weather Now

Reloads weather data and sends it to your watch immediately.


Location Update Interval

How often to update your location: 1, 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds.

Location Update Priority

High Accuracy, Balanced Accuracy (100m) or Low Accuracy (10km)

Limit for Maps Offline Cache

1MB, 5MB, 10MB, or 20MB


Show All Day Events

Displays events that are All Day in length

Show Events After Today

Will show events after the current day

Select Calendar

Choose which calendars you want to show events from


Sets various events when the watch shall vibrate.



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