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Settings for the watch App on Wear OS


  • Long press on the watch screen to access the watch faces.
  • Tap the gear icon to open the watchmaker face selection menu
  • Tap the gear icon above the watch face to access the settings menu for that face


Keep Watch Awake

Max Frame Rate

Animation Boost?

Check Phone Battery

Check Heart Rate

Determines the maximum rate to refresh the heart-rate if the current watch face uses the heart rate tag. Options are:

  • On Every Watch Wakeup
  • Max every 1 minute
  • Max every 5 minutes
  • Max every 10 minutes
  • Max every 15 minutes
  • Max every 30 minutes
  • Max every 60 minutes

Temperature Units

Weather Check Interval

Weather Source

Layers on Demand?

Max Brightness (OPR) in Bright Mode

Max Brightness (OPR) in Dim Mode

Enable Text Effects

Enable Transitions

WatchFace Shuffle

Shuffle Interval

Watch Selector

Use UTF8 Substring?

Experimental Fixes

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