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In an effort to provide an easy search for watch faces in the Google+ community, posters of content are encouraged to provide hashtags in their posts. Hash tag terms can be searched in Google+ or clicked on in a post to find additional like content.

Because hashtags are universal across Google+, posters would always put wm (WatchMaker) at the front. This helps to limit search results to only watch maker content. You many of course create any hashtag you feel appropriate. The following list is a partial list of common hashtags used.

  • #wmfilm : watches of a movie or tv theme. These might feature a movie or show, or an actor or actress, or a specific character.
  • #wmmilitary : watches with a military theme or featuring military equipment/image.
  • #wmoriginal : watches that are original creations, not based on existing physical watches/brands.
  • #wmsports : watches related to sports, whether a sport in general or a specific sports player/team.
  • #wmtasker : watches that make extensive use of tasker plugins/variables
  • #wmunlocked : watches that are unlocked.
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