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Copy Assets from one Watch Face to another

Let me preface this with “I'm not writing this for people to steal others work.” Currently you can download any unprotected WatchMaker file to use on your watch and customize it.

There is no feature that allows you to copy from one face to another. So without having to recreate the wheel, here is the steps you can use.

(You will be doing this on your computer, unless you want to install an app to open zip files on your phone)

  • Download the watchface you need an item from. It will be called some like
  • Change the .watch to .zip
  • Open up the new zip file
  • Inside the zip file you should find a /images folder and all the images used to create that face are in there.
  • Export the /images folder or the image you want to your PC.

Now you have the image(s) you need to finish your watchface.

Last step it would not hurt to reach out to the designer and thank him/her for their awesome work of art.

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