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Update Watch App

Starting from today Tuesday May 23rd we are stating to migrate users to a single version of WatchMaker. This will allow us to create a stable platform across our enormous user base! More info here.

If you are here you are hopefully on the final step of the migration - updating the app on your watch!

Please make sure you have installed the main app on your phone before proceeding to check the watch installation.

The below points are very important - please read carefully :

  • After the migration make sure you do not have 2 versions on your watch - you need WatchMaker not WatchMaker Premium.
  • If you still see WatchMaker Premium on your watch please uninstall it using watch settings.
  • Please uninstall Wear MiniLauncher if you have it! You may get permission loop error
  • Please start WatchMaker on your watch at least once and accept permissions

If you don't yet have Android Wear 2.0 :

  • You need to wait for Android Wear to synchronize apps from your phone to your watch - you can speed this up sometimes in the Android Wear app on phone, click Settings, then your watch name, then Resync apps

If you have Android Wear 2.0 :

  • You may need to uninstall the existing WatchMaker Premium watchface.
  • You will hopefully receive an automatic notification on your watch to install the new app WatchMaker Watch Face - follow the link to install.
  • If you don't get a notification go to the Google Play Store on your watch and search for WatchMaker Watch Face (NOT WatchMaker Premium which is being discontinued for watches)

After a little while, you should have a single WatchMaker app on your watch - please ensure it is labelled “WatchMaker” NOT “WatchMaker Premium”

Also check version number should be at least 4.2.7 - long press on watch, hit settings cog and scroll down.

Other steps to think about before you complete the migration:

- Some users who have file cleaners installed, e.g. CleanMaster have reported uninstalling any version of WatchMaker removes the watch folder from internal memory (/sdcard/BeautifulWatches) - you may wish to add this to your exclude folder

- When you start any new WatchMaker installation on watch, you will not have any weather data and this may cause some formulas to break. Send the weather at least once from the phone app (Settings > Weather > Request Weather Now) to ensure you have at least some weather data.

- You can migrate Tasker scripts to point to the main version using this script

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