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Colors can be picked through a color picker or you can enter their hex value directly. Hex values are the Red/Green/Blue values of a color. The hex notation is very common in Webdevelopment.

The color dialog will remember the last 4 used colors.

Please note that no alpha value can be set in the color dialog. Use the opacity property instead.

Dynamic colors using lua expression are not yet possible but are announced for a future release.

Color Dim

Some widgets (text) support a second color that is used in dimmed mode.


Some widgets (image) support a tint color. That color is added to the image's original colors. This works best for mono-chromatic images and images with alpha transparency (like PNGs). A tint of white (#ffffff) will display the original colors as is. A tint of black (#000000) will display original colors in black.

Tint in different colors

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