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Text is a very versatile tool. Besides images it's the most common way to display information on your watch face.

The text property holds the text to show. That can be a simple string, a tag or a combination of both. It is limited to display a total of 50 characters, of any type and combination. Please keep this in mind when trying to design text heavy interfaces.





The date widget is a text widget with the expression {dh}:{dmz} prefilled.

{ddw} {dnnn} {dd}


The calendar widget is a text widget with {c1b}{c1t} prefilled.


The expression widget is a text widget which will automatically open the tag picker when added.

Curved Text

Curved text has two additional properties:

  • Direction - can be either Up or Down which specifies the direction the curve goes.
  • Radius - determines the size of the curve. It specifies a circle around the position. The text is aligned along the circle's border.
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