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Image Widget

Images are the easiest way to give your watch that special look. You can use them as a simple background or as elements in your watch design.

Watchmaker comes with some built-in images (sdcard/BeautifulWatches/images).

To use your own images you will need to transfer the image to your phone and have it available through your gallery app. Tools like Dropbox or Google Drive may come in handy for that. A Google search is an easy way to find graphics.

Note: image manipulation takes a lot of resources. You should make sure your image has the needed size before using it in watchmaker to avoid expensive rescaling on your watch. Also, all images loaded (including separated GIF images) are not deleted from the folder when you remove the image layer from your watchface. You will want to manually delete these images with a file manager that lets you view Hidden Files.


Watch Hand

Watch Hands are image widgets with a predefined image and rotation. They simply rotate around the center, showing the current time.

See Time Tags for setting the rotation.

Watch Backgrounds

Watch Backgrounds are image widgets with a predefined background. Watchmaker comes with a couple of round, square and scenic backgrounds for you to use.

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