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Colors can be picked through a color picker or you can enter their hex value directly. Hex values are the Red/Green/Blue values of a color. The hex notation is very common in Webdevelopment.

The color dialog will remember the last 4 used colors.

Please note that no alpha value can be set in the color dialog. Use the opacity property instead.

Hint: Dynamic colors using lua expressions can be created using shaders.

Color Dim

Some widgets (text) support a second color that is used in dimmed mode.


Some widgets (image) support a tint color. That color is added to the image's original colors. This works best for mono-chromatic images and images with alpha transparency (like PNGs). A tint of white (#ffffff) will display the original colors as is. A tint of black (#000000) will display original colors in black.

Tint in different colors

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